Cosmos is a lovely flower. Its cheerful and super easy to grow. I can plant the seeds in the ground instead of having to start the plants inside. The orange and yellow flowers are delightful and brighten my garden bed and gives me lots of blooms to cut and bring in the house.

but this flower is more than just another pretty face. I pick the blossums and put them in a ziplock freezer bag and stash them in the freezer(always prompting a ‘what the heck it this?’ from Marty).

When I have a good amount I cover them with water in a pot outside and heat it over the fire pit. And then the fun really begins. I watch the pot (and yes it still boils even when it is watched) and the color darkens – then I add wool to the mix. My yarn was mordanted with alum first. Here are some of the skiens of yarn that I dyed. Aren’t they lovely!

I have been knitting my blanket with this yarn it is the color I have chosen for the turtles. I also have over dyed some of my orange yarn with walnut husks and I am going to use this varigated yarn for some of my birds. I have the idea that my birds are  going to be different colors over dyed with walnut. So that my blanket will have different flocks of birds flying through it.

its pretty amazing that all this color comes from just one pkg of seeds isn’t it? and even better I bought my pkg of seeds several years ago and just collect the seeds each fall so I can replant in the spring. Now when the snow is flying this winter and I am inside by the fireplace knitting as my bright orange yarn slips through my fingers forming a turtle I can dream of my summer garden.


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  1. Gerry Castle said,

    November 14, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Hi Mary Jo….very cool

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