Cowled Over Recipe

With the cold, wet November weather we are having here  I just had to cast on a quick project to warm myself .

First a little about the yarn- it is a thick and thin handspun wonder that I picked up for a song at Hook and Needle, the new yarn shop in Reedsburg. I spied the store when I was running errants about a month ago. And I honestly tried to resist stopping in and checking it out because I have plenty of yarn and projects already started. Good thing that I have very little self control because I did stop to check if they had the elusive  glow in the dark yarn. See I would like to get some glow in the dark yarn for the toys I am knitting for the toy drive (funny how just that  little plug makes shopping for yarn seem more noble).Hook and Needle is a delightful stop and Lori Fosterling immediately makes you feel at home. We chatted for a while about the glow in the dark yarn which she didn’t have but had a couple of suggestions of where I might find it. And I kept petting the homespun yarns that Lori had in the shop. In particular a thick and thin undyed wool yarn, 112 yards of  a rich dark brown that was plied with white. I am sure you know where this is going ………so here is the picture.I wish you could feel this yarn. It is so thick and soft – as I knit I could feel the lanolin making my skin feel softer.

Yesterday I cast on 70 sts on a size 11 circular needle – knit one row of k1 p1 all the way around and joined together.  Then I just kept knitting round and round until I was close to the end of the ball and knit on a round of k1 p1 and cast off. in 2 hours I had a basic cowl and because I added those 2 rows of k1 p1 the edge didn’t roll and stayed straight. I could have stopped here but  inspired by Lori, who is a fantastic crocheter, I picked up a large hook and some leftover blue alpaca yarn single crocheted around the edge of the cowl. when I looped all the around the bottom edge I didn’t cut the yarn instead I hooked my way up to the other edge in a straight line between my knit stitches. when I got there I hooked all the way around the top edge. Then I crocheted back down that straight line  using a single crochet adding loops for button holes. I stitched 3 buttons  about 6″ away from my line of crochet. So in just 3 hours I was finished and in a nick of time because as I am typing this  and looking out my window it is windy and cold and snowing. I will be wearing this as I walk the dog this morning.The finished cowl is a generous size – 32″ around by 9 1/2″ high. I plan to wear it unbuttoned around my neck when it is just cold and  when it is blustery I can button it and snug it up on my neck to keep me warmer.

So this is my recipe for Cowled (folded) Over and I am off to face the cold cause the puppy is whining and wants her walk.

ps jana if you are reading this I also knit 1 1/2 ducks for my blanket last night ; )

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    November 14, 2011 at 3:14 pm


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