Kitty Kat Pocket Pal

This summer my LYS, Knitch in Delefield, Wisconsin held a toy drive for PB&J  a fun group  that collects toys and hats for Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee.     Their goal was to provide at least 140 toys to be distributed this winter.

It is a great project and even though the drive ended in October people continue to bring in their toys and they are displayed in the front window of the store. Isn’t that a cheerful window? Every few weeks PB&J picks up some animals to take downtown but like magic the window never is empty- more toys just appear!

I knit up a few toys for the window and had lots of fun coming up with my own pattern. Here are some of my critters. The cat in the center was my first knit try at designing my own pattern. I wanted something simple that a beginner could knit and this cat fits the bill. The one piece body is knit and purled and then folded up in a special fashion so that there is a pocket in the front. In each pocket I put a crayons and a notebook but you could put any treasures you wanted in the pocket maybe even a little stuffed mouse! A beginner could stop there or go on and knit arms and legs with double point needles.

As I knit  I began to see that any number of animals could be made by altering this pattern- raccoons, owls, monkeys and my personal favorite, a possum.

Then I decided to shrink my knit using smaller needles and came up with a few minis including a couple of fox.I am selling the cat pattern on Ravelry and at Knitch

My daughter and I are writing the owl pattern and should have that done soon.

1 Comment

  1. Peg said,

    November 14, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    I love the minis! The owl is a hoot. How did you knit the wings!

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