monkey bizynezz

My fingers like these tails are tied in knots as I rework mr monk. I went from a subdued and proper brown to a tweedy striped sock yarn. and monk too is a happy mish-mash of colors. I knit this happy dou with Kollage square needles size 0.I love these needles. I  use small needles for knitting socks and that can be hard on my fingers. but with these square needles I don’t notice my fingers cramping or getting tired. I also bought a size 2 16″ circular needle. I like the needle portion but the join catches as I use it to knit on my animals for the Escher Blanket. But I won’t abandon the needles cause I can knit on the animals for 3 hours with out finger fatique. Ok one more picture of monkey fun and I am off to do some chores.

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