not quite frozen in the north

I have a ritual in the morning –I lie in bed and watch the sun come up over the lake for as long as the dog will let me. Some mornings this isn’t very long because Meva loves to be up at the crack of dawn.but some mornings like this morning puppy will join me in bed. We each make a little nest. She lies at the foot of the bed on top of the covers that Marty has abandoned. And I nestle in with my pillows propped up and the covers snuggled in under my chin.

Its getting much colder so I wake  up wondering if the lake froze over night.Some days you can actually hear the lake trying to freeze–the other morning it was making a low humming sound almost like it was singing for joy with the change of weather. Later when the ice is solid and thick it will groan and bang in the night–a spooky, frigid protest in the dark that makes you shiver and pull the cover tighter to your body. This morning I could see mist rising across the lake looking like the steam that rises from soup pot boiling on the stove. and the ice in the bay has creeped out a little further but the big lake is still open. It is supposed to warm up this morning and for the next few days, so I don’t think that the lake will freeze anytime soon.
but I can still hope for it – I love the first ice. When the lake freezes very fast the first ice is nice and clear. Beautiful to walk on and look at the mysterious world underneath. A fast freeze with out snow means all the kids will grab skates and whirl around and play hockey. And Ice boats will sail zipping across the lake in the blink of an eye.
Of course it is still too early for ice walks -the ice has to get thick(5 or 6″) before you can walk on it.

Some people want snow for X-mas I just want ice.

Well enough dreaming of ice–I have to get busy. I am making brittle this morning its time to ship X-mas boxes and I always make brittle as presents. And I want to be out of the kitchen in time to watch the GreenBay Packers today.


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