Its busy these days–the air feels colder and the sun sets sooner and there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.

this is a very weird statement for someone who claims not to celebrate X-mas. Yes I avoid the hoopla and the craziness in the malls and my immediate family does not exchange presents. My husband and I have all we need. The children are grown and living on their own so there is no shopping for toys or a special article of clothing. Bud doesn’t need a new tie and he would rather pick out his own. Alice doesn’t need another pair of of mittens-Memphis is way to warm for that. And Micheal would rather pick out his own techie toys, thank you very much.

I am trying very hard to come up with something special for them that doesn’t involve running to the store but still says I love you in that special way. How do I live up to the year that I gifted the cookie of the month club with new cookies  lovingly baked and shipped each month. Or the sock of the month club – fabulous wool socks knit with the recipient in mind each month. Well I have a couple of ideas but I am open to suggestions.

But the real busy- ness is the  business of sending out my un-X-mas packages. the boxes of homemade candy and knitted hats and mitts for the rest of our family. Right now the kitchen and great room of our house is a flurry of activity. the couch stacked with boxes and homemade candy in tins on the table. Oh I have cut back and I don’t make all the cookies I used to but I will still make my brittle. It has cashews and coconut and bright red dots of cranberries in it and then I melt  white chocolate on top. Ok–ok normally it does not have green and gold sprinkles on top but I live in WISCONSIN and everything is about the Packers this year. I mean 13 and 0 how can I not put green and gold sprinkles on the X-mas brittle. Well any ways the brittle taste great –it is very addictive and I am sealing it in tins as soon as it is made otherwise Marty and I will eat too much and get fat.

I was sure I was ahead of the game on my knitting- I started it in the spring, volunteering for test knits that looked like they would produce items that my nieces and nephews would love. Alas when I opened the box of knits I discovered that although they were beautiful and cunningly crafted I had neglected to sew in my ends. so last night I sat down to watch tv and stitched and wove in ends on many projects fondling the soft wool and hoping that the presents will be well received. Cause you really can’t be sure my brothers and sisters have raised well mannered lovely children who will be polite.

Oh well I am just blathering on cause I know that mostly I send these tokens so that the kids will know that their Aunt in the midwest(even though she doesn’t see them often) loves them and thinks of them. And I am really sure that these knits will warm there hands and heads.

And maybe that  sound like a bit of Scroogey. But Marty and I really love this busy business each year and are not Scrooges. The cooking and mailing puts us in the X-mas mood. We think about our families and how special they are to us. And how we wish we saw them more often. And look forward to the e-mails with pictures of all the kids. We are happy and content and love our little flurry of X-mas activity on Okauchee lake. We also think about what we have and send a check to Second Harvest so other families can have a good holiday. We don’t need a tree or lights to celebrate the season we are happy and content.

So today and tomorrow I will work hard and I hope to get all these packages out so I can clean up the kitchen and living room and get back to the slower events of my day to day life.



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