Hallelujah for a no shopping Xmas

Its been a bustle of activity here lately–with boxes stacked everywhere. Ingrediants for  candy is measured in bowls on the counter and dirty pots and pans stacked in the sink. I make my candy two batches at a time then I soak the pans and bowls in the sink to help the crystalized sugar melts and is easier to scrub. I made 10 batches of brittle this week. I have it down to a science I first make one batch on the stovetop and when that one is cooling on the counter,  I soak the pan in water and start a second batch in a glass bowl in the microwave. Its the same recipe that I clipped out of the paper years ago for peanut brittle. But I have altered it and refined it and it isn’t reconizable as the same recipe. Mine is chock full of cashews instead of peanuts and large flakes of coconut and has festive red dots of cranberries. Then I bath it in white chocolate and set it aside until the chocolate is firm and break it into pieces. And this year I have added sprinkles to the top in green and gold the Packer colors. As the week draws to a close I can breath a sigh of relief I have only 2 packages to finish and mail –then I am done. I am proud of myself I have avoided the stores and the maddening crowds. My knits will keep my loved ones warm and the candy is a special delicacy that they would not be able to find in even the fanciest candy store.

Its a good feeling to be done — when I go out to the grocery store and the clerk cheerily ask if I have gotten my X-mas shopping done I can reply “oh no I don’t go in for all that hoopla- I haven’t been to the mall.”

And yesterday when the lady at Ben Franklins asked me if I was making a X-mas present with the fabric she was cutting for me I was able to say “no this is just for me I have all my presents done and mailed”.

I don’t know if my way is faster but I love knitting and baking so it is fitting that I make my presents. I really am not comfortable in crowds of people trying to find a certain size or toy. Sure I still go to the store but it is a local yarn store or craft store. It is theraputic to fondle soft balls of yarn and picture a loved one in the perfect shade of blue or rose. And it is a present that gives twice because I get to enjoy knitting with it before I gift it. It really is a win-win all the way around. But as much as I enjoy it I am always happy when the last box is ready to be shipped—–

so—- Hallelujah!


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