Owls in the Snow

I am pretty excited about giving a yarn kit away to make a Owlet but unfortunately I am not very tech savy. So while I am waiting for some computer help to post my pattern on ravelry I thought I would post a picture of the some of the kits I have made this week. I think the center kit is my favorite. 

I love winter time at our cabin late at night you can hear the owls call in Gallager’s field. When there is a fresh snow fall sometimes you can track an owl. Ok about now you might be shaking your head and thinking this is one crazy knitter, owls fly how do you track them in the snow. Well just so you don’t think I am crazy here are a couple of pictures from last winter.see those marks in the snow that almost look like the angel wings that children make. Those I believe are from the wings of an owl, made when it swoops down to capture its prey. We come across these often at the cabin when we walk in the early morning. Sometimes we will see the burrowing trail of a mouse or vole and then a pair of angel wings near by where an owl captured its dinner.Once a local owl even left us a present on our deck. I heard him late at night and he was so loud calling and calling. When I got up the next morning laying on the deck was a pellet. Now you will probable go yuk when I explain that an owl regurgitates what he isn’t able to digest. So why would anyone be excited to find owl barf on their deck. Well a neighbor’s son and I later pulled this pellet apart to see what the owl had been eating and found a tiny little skull and part of a jaw bone and some leg bones.

If you want to learn more about owls Owl Brand Online Guide . You can even purchase owl pellets from this company here Owl Brand Discovery Kits – Barn Owl Pellets – Pellet Dissection.

If you want to look at my pattern go here  Ravelry: Howell the Owl Pocket Pal pattern by Mary Jo Martinek  Not a member– its free and there are tons of patterns and also lots of members who have great suggestions and ideas in the forums.

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