I wanted to share my morning with you. I have been waking up slowly these days. Puppy has had trouble sleeping through the night which translate to no-one gets to sleep through the night. But how can you stay mad at her when she looks at you like this in the morning. Meva turned 6 at the end of November so she really isn’t a puppy. But she also doesn’t act like an adult. She is our best bud (even when she keeps us up at night).

I enjoy slow mornings like this they don’t happen often, usually we all head out for a brisk walk and then home again for breakfast. Mornings like this I lie in bed and watch the sunrise through the oak branches. The colors are doubled with the reflection from the lake. I keep watching for ice but we had a warm up last week that melted some of the ice. I don’t think the lake will freeze this week.

I don’t have much planned today. I can relax I have a test knit on my needles that will be worked on. And I have some reading to catch up on. And later maybe I will nap and catch up on the sleep I lost.

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