Going to town

I went into Milwaukee yesterday and delivered cookie treats to my son’s office. I had so much fun– we went out to lunch at the Comet. He told me it was one of his best hangouts when he was in high school. The things a mom does not know. I guess if he had told me when he was a teenager I might have wanted to take him there to eat and then how could it be his hangout. Or maybe this is where the boys would have lunch when they skipped 5th hour class.

But this is a terrific place for lunch. We split a Cuban sandwich which was delicious- it’s pork and homemade pickles on ciabota bread. Then had an order of brussel sprouts and twice baked cheesy potatoes on the side. The cheesy potatoes were his favorite back in the day so I had to order those. And the brussel sprouts were perfectly braised in beer.  He shared stories with me and we laughed and had a great time. All too quickly it was time to drive  back to work.

Today work is having a potluck lunch and he will share the treats. I laughed when I packed up the treats yesterday thinking how I used to make treats for homeroom when he was in school. All too quickly my children grew up. But I don’t think he minds that I still bring treats for him. I have been doing it several years now starting when he worked at the shelter. Its little things like my trip yesterday that put me in the mood for Christmas. Packing a tin with cookies and brittle and even some coal(wrapped pieces of chocolate) topped with a x-mas pig. I found this funny orange pig with purple polka dots thats has the most realistic oink when you squeeze him and put a big red bow around his neck.

Then I made some mice. You know the whole ‘not a creature was stirring not even a mouse’. Well I had bought a kit for halloween and its to make candy covered pretzels. I love chocolate sweets with some salty crunch but I never got around to making these. So I pulled out the kits and discarded the skull and bat themed molds. But there were also rats and figured I would just call them big mice. Then instead of a pretzel I decided to use peppermint sticks for the tails. It was a last minute thing I wish I had thought of it before because I would have gotten hooked candy canes instead -they would have looked so much cuter. The kit is from Wilton Celebrate With Wilton – Create Beautiful Wilton Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes & Candy With Wilton Decorating Techniques.

Here is another close up
 What you don’t think it is Christmas-sy?

On the way home I stopped at Popeyes for chicken. We love the fried chicken and red beans and rice.

And if this wasn’t a great day look what Marty worked on while I was gone.A shelf for my room. My room is a small room on the first floor. I have the day bed shown here with lots of yarn stuffed under it. My desk and computer is here and another wall of shelves that is packed full. so now I have a new shelf   and soon there will be a couple of cork boards to pin ideas on.

And last but not least here is a knit that I finished last night. I have been test knitting  this pattern. And I must say I like the shaping and the details. I think the details really finish off a design. And this giraffe is cute and full of personality.

I didn’t hear from the winner of the owl drawing so I am I had my daughter pick a number and the winner this time is Julianne. So Julianne please contact me I have an Howell the Owl pattern for you and a hand dyed yarn kit for an Owlett.


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