Winter at last

Christmas has come and gone – we have been pleasantly busy here on the lake. It’s been the everyday business keeping us busy. You know the normal day to day things. We had a nice X-mas with our son coming over for dinner. We shared a few laughs and a few drinks and cooked dinner. The mister and I had eaten a little earlier, since we belong to the elderly eat dinner at 3:00 crowd now. So my son and I worked on his dinner together- a grilled steak and hot peppers stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon and brussel sprouts sauted in a pan with the left over bacon. We sipped a nice Malbec wine from Chile while we sliced, diced and talked. Then we descended into the man cave. Well the man cave isn’t really a man cave its more of an entertainment center with 2 tvs one for watching cable and the other for computer link ups. 2 couches/daybeds  and 2 electronic recliners- add a heated floor, a wet bar/small kitchenette and a person could live down here. So it was down to the cave to watch a movie and then for the night’s more important entertainment—-the Green Bay Packers vs da Bears. It was a terrific game. The Packers were favored to win but after the last dismal game last week where it seemed the real Packers did not show up to play -it was hard to say what the outcome of the game would be. To be fair last week the Packers had a lot of injuries but it didn’t seem like they had shown up to play. They were distracted and missing. But the Chiefs were on the ball. They played hard and  make few mistakes. They true-ly deserved to win. But back to the Bears vs Packers, both teams played well–it was an exciting game to watch. And by the second half  we were all pretty sure of a Packer win.

Now its on to the Lions vs the Pack. Another home game so the Packers are sure to be favored. Usually I am fine with either side winning when it’s the Lions and Packers. After all I was born in Detroit but this year it has to be the Pack. I’m sorry the Lions play dirty and I don’t want to see them win. But most of all I just hope no-one gets hurt. It is too bad really because the Lions have a good team and if they could clean up their act and get the penalties under control I think they could have had a shot. Well maybe next year for the Lions. This year the Packers will go all the way.

Well enough of the sports commentary after all I am a knitter I should leave the sports commentary to those who know more than I. Right now I am hard at work…well actually if I am writing here that means that I am avoiding work(sorry Al) …ok so I am kind of working on a couple of things.

I have a couple of patterns almost done and a couple more that are still in rough draft stage. And I busily knitting so I can take some pictures to share with you. And we are taking a small break at the cabin, we needed to check on things. It is colder here and the lake is frozen in the bays but open in the middle. But we did manage to get out for a walk on the ice. I love to walk on the ice. we were the first ones to venture out on the ice in our bay. There were no other footprints in the thin frosting of snow on the ice. We explored in the nooks and crannies on the shore. And peered through the clear ice under our feet and marveled at the quiet, crisp air. The only sound was the occasional boing sound of ice forming. Looking out towards the open water in the middle we could see a gaggle of geese. What a apt name for a group of geese. It makes me giggle to think of the noise they make –geese do gaggle and honk. Several yards away from the geese were some other very large black birds that we couldn’t quite make out. But we could see 5 of  them huddled along the edge of the ice. And 2 flying. Marty commented that he wished we had brought binoculars as we watched them- sure that we were watching bald eagles. And then I remembered my camera. But even with the lens set on the closest setting I couldn’t make out what they were. But I snapped several pictures and then used the telephoto lever to zoom in some more on the digital pictures I took and then we could see the white heads and tails of the mature eagles in this crowd and could see the immature eagles without the distinctive markings. Tomorrow when we are rested I will load up some of these pictures.   They probable aren’t that good but I am always thrilled to see these magestic birds. And I was thrilled to see the eagles out on the ice but I didn’t dare walk out any further to take pictures.


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