the first walk on the lake

I was very excited on Wens. we drove to the cabin and although the lake was still open we were able to walk in the bay. I think we were the first ones to venture out in the bay there were no other footprints. It was quiet and the air was crisp with an occasional boing sound that the ice makes when it is forming. Meva had a lot of fun exploring along the shore sniffing in all the nooks and cranniesthe ice wasn’t clear like it is sometimes–I could not see through to the bottom.  But I still enjoy looking at the patterns
as we walked out of the bay I saw the expansion joint that is there every year. As the ice get thicker I will be able to look down and judge how thick it is. Right now I would guess the ice is about 4″.

the crack in the ice looks like a road carved into the frozen water. I wonder how the water knows just where the road belongs.
the air is crispy and the ice is crunchy under our feet.there is a gaggle of geese by the open water. Gaggle is such a funny name and usually the geese are honking and gaggle seems like an appropriate name for the group. But today they are silent. 

I can under stand why they are quiet when I look to the right there are several eagles a short distance away. I know not the best pictures but I was not going to walk out further where the ice is thinner.

the eagles seem to be quietly waiting for an opportunity . Maybe they will get a goose or maybe a fish. Or maybe they are just enjoying the first ice like we are



  1. Chris Longe said,

    January 8, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I’m enjoying reading your blog. I ended up here as I was using Google to find knitting information and info about the knitting shop in Reedsburg, Hook and Needle. Anyway, your writings lead me to think that you live part-time on Lake Redstone in LaValle and part-time in Okauchee or the Delafield area. This was interesting to me because we live part-time in the Pewaukee/Delafield area and part-time at Lake Redstone. From your picture I’m thinking you aren’t too far away from us. Anyway, my name is Chris Longe, I love to knit and crochet, and it seems we may have quite a few other things in common, too! Look forward to talking more to you and maybe meeting you, too!


    • whatzitknitz said,

      January 8, 2012 at 11:11 pm

      You’re right we have a cabin on Lake Redstone and lived there full time for a few years. But now we are part timers splitting our time between Okauchee and LaValle. It’s a beautiful neck of the woods. And if you see Meva and I in the yard you will have to stop in and say hi.

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