Looking forward

The other day we startled some deer that were bedded down in a hollow near the road. It has been warm for December so it was a misty morning. They leaped up and ran up the hill turning to look at us when they were a safe distance away.

It seems like this is the time of the year that we look back too. We add up what went well and also our mistakes. Then we make resolutions to change our lives. Well I am not going to. While there is nothing wrong with New Year resolutions- they can make even the best of us feel failures. So I am not going to resolve to lose weight(even though I should) or to read 100 books(and make some of them non-fiction) or learn to crochet(although I would love to be able to). I am not even going to say that I want to make a certain sweater because if I do I will be asked how it is coming and then I might have to confess that it is under the bed in a box with other unfinished ideas.

I considered for a night joining in the January selfish knitting Kal but even that is just too big of a commitment. Or maybe me stating that is selfish–maybe I will be selfish and just be me. I really don’t want to say that I will knit for myself when I know I will knit a toy or two for kids I don’t know. Or I will see a friend with out a nice pair of mittens and I will quickly whip out a pair. And I know that I will reread Game of Thrones before I finish Dawn of Zoology(which I started 2 years ago). And I won’t stop eating chocolate chip cookies warm out of the oven in order to 10 pounds.

Take me or leave me I am 56 years old and too old to change.  The other deer in my herd might be shaking there heads at me thinking she is an odd one but thats ok. I am happy to just putter along and read whatever and knit what I want and eat chocolate.

So while the other deer look back I think I will just look forward and do my best and not set any goals that I can’t meet.

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