Full moon Jan 8 2012

Isn’t this a gorgeous view of the moon rising over Okauchee Lake. It is still warmish and the lake isn’t frozen but the bay we live in is. Knitting continues to fall off my needles. I am obsessed with animals. And knit them over and over again trying new ideas for texture and shaping. Wool makes great animals I love the way it feels and know how I can manipulate the fabric.

I love wool and am familar with wool. Well I live in the upper midwest – not quite the frigid artic circle but most winters we come close. This winter has been different usually the lake is frozen by now and our morning walks take us out on to the lake to explore the ice formations. This winter has been warm – there is a little ice in the bay but as the sun warms during the day it puddles – not safe for walking on.

there are mornings where I put on layers of wool to keep warm  before walking the dog. and then there are mornings that I am sweating in a light coat and stripping my hat and scarf off before I complete the circuit.  I love natural fibers and many of my animals are made with left over bits and pieces from hats and mittens and scarfs that I have made.

But for toys especially toys that you donate it may not be practical. Some times you need to knit with something that can be thrown into the washer and will remain soft and cuddly. So a lot of the toys I have knit this fall have been made with acrylics. Price matters being on a fixed income I have to find economical solutions. Caron so soft is a nice option and so is Plymouth. but I just tried a real winner  berroco Comfort dk and I am going to use a lot more of this I think .

but I am also trying to find a cotton yarn for a toy I am working on. I tried sugar and cream and was happy with the toy I made. I put it through the washer and dryer and the stuffed toy still looked great. but for my purposes it was heavy and my fingers ached knitting the fabric. I tried micro spun lion brand and the yarn  felt soft and toy looked great but again the knitting experiance left something to be desired. The yarn was splitty and not fun to work with.  And it wasn’t the cotton that I wanted for my toy.

I gave up and was knitting a raven in wonderful wool yarns  when the mail man brought a box a yarn that I had ordered. I ordered bare yarn for dyeing from knit picks and also picked out a few balls of cotton yarn.  So for about an hour I continued to knit the large and mini size raven and then gave into temptation and cast on 24 sts in a pink organic cotton sportswieght yarn. And It was lovely- softer than I was looking for  the yarn color has flecks in it so the hue of pink is not harsh. It was easy on my fingers and was not splitty at all. I knit the entire body by early evening and today sometime I will sew it up and stuff it. and then work on some shaping.

oh and I did return to knitting my bird also the body of the mini is almost done to the beak I can’t wait to start on the color I picked for the inner pocket. a wonderful hand painted koigi in dark blues and purples.


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