frozen pipes

Its a grey day here but I am glad to be home. We had to make an emergency trip to the cabin. A neighbor heard the fire alarm going off in the cabin and e-mailed. Another neighbor kindly helped out and let himself in with a spare key and he discovered that the heat had gone out since our last trip north 3 weeks ago and inside the house was only 32*. So a quick trip north was made. We still don’t know why the heat went out or why the fire alarm went off. But we are so glad the nieghbors noticed and alerted us.

If the heat is off in the cabin it takes a while for it to heat up again. We have a Buderus boiler in the basement and radiant heat in the floors. When we lived in the cabin full time we only turned on the heat in the basement. The cement floor would slowly heat up and radiate out. It was always so nice to walk down to the basement and feel the warm floors. The upstairs also has heat under the wood floors. but we don’t use it because the house gets too warm when we have it on. So upstairs we will start a small fire in the woodstove in the morning to take the chill out of the air. During the day  we have large windows facing south that collect heat all day and warm the living room and the loft. So until the sun goes down we don’t use the woodstove again. All in all our home is very efficient and cosy.

Normally when we are not at the cabin the boiler heats just the floor in the basement to 55* and the sun will heat the upstairs a little. With all the doors open this usually has been good enough to keep the pipes from freezing. And when we do make a trip to the cabin in the winter the house is chilly (about 60*) when we walk in but not unbearable. Once Marty starts a fire in the stove it warms up very quickly. 32* was a shock when we walked in on Sunday. A couple of the drain traps were frozen and 2 of the faucets had icicles hanging from them. But we were lucky none of the pipes were damaged.

Now that we are home and everything was ok I am unpacking our bags and laughing at myself. I had quickly thrown together a bag of clothes for us to wear for a couple of days most of which we didnt wear. The book Marty was reading, my ipad and Marty’s Toshiba notebook went into a backpack along with the recharging cords. I threw together a foodbag with meals for a couple of days. And then I crammed more yarn and projects into a tote than I would possible have time to knit. I was more worried about not having enough knitting for the trip than anything else. I took a wolf toy that I am test knitting along which meant 5 different skeins of yarn. I took 2 balls of Manos del Uruguay that I was comtinplating knitting a new scarp with. A couple of balls of yarn to knit a new toy that Alice and I have been working on and some yarn just in case I wanted to cast on for a fox. Oh and I almost forgot not shown here are the 4 skeins of bare yarn I packed  in case I found time to do some dyeing while we were at the house.  Can you see why I am laughing at myself? This is enough yarn to keep me busy at least 2 weeks not 2 or 3 days.

So what did I get done— well I have a beautiful scarp- which I must say was perfect not thinking knitting. I had a design in mind but found that I would be thinking and talking and just lose track of where I was at so my pattern was a little off but that is ok. I started it in the car while Marty drove. And picked it up again later when the cabin was slowly heating up and there wasn’t anymore that I could do or clean up and it was time for a break. I finished the scarp later as we sat and relaxed by the fire talking and having a few drinks with our wonderful life saving neighbor Cary.  I was able to wear the scarp the following morning when we walked Meva. It was very cold but I was nice and warm in my new knit. I started a hat to match but ran out of yarn and have pulled it apart.

I dyed 4 skeins of yarn with onion skins. This is probable the easiest natural dyeing that I have done.  I didn’t cast on for a fox but I did a little work on the wolf I have been test knitting

Yesterday morning I bundled up everything to go back in the car and cleaned up a little and we hit the road. On the trip home I knit a little pink thingie. I have been knitting a lot of pink thingies for an idea that Alice and I are working on. so 2 1/2 days and 4 things worked on and lots of my yarn never made it out of my tote. I have to work on my packing I think but for now I will just chuckle at myself as I put everything away again till the next time…

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