2 thumbs up

The mitten from my last post has received a thumbs up. Marty wore it for a walk in the afternoon. I only had one done so on the other hand he wore an insulated glove that  was (gasp) store bought. It was a good test – he gave the wool mitten a 2 thumbs up for warmth and another 2 thumbs up for the great  pattern on the mittens. He even liked the colors – not bad considering I was working from stash.

I love the pattern too – I knit it last year as a X-mas present for my son.  the name of the pattern is Fisherman’s Friend  from Jorid’s Pattern Shop. The charts are well written and easy to follow.  I altered the pattern slightly to make it big enough for Marty to pull on over a pair of leather gloves. I used worsted wieght yarn to make it extra warm.

On the first mitten (that will eventually be finished for me) I used a skien of brown wool and paired it with leftovers green yarn from hat knitting.  I cast on 60 sts on size 3 needles this was a nice size for me but too tight for Marty. The pattern is not as easy to make out on this mitten although I love the blue and the green paired with brown.   so on my second try I cast on 68 sts on size 3 needles in brown and a kind of yucky mustard yellow. This yellow had been sitting in my stash for a while I got a good deal on it in the clearance bin but everytime I pulled it out thinking I would make a hat for one of my nephews it got thrown back in the closet cause the color just wasn’t right. But paired with the brown it is very nice I think. Now I even wish I had another ball so I could make a matching hat.

I also used a provincial cast on for the mittens. I thought about starting the pattern from the top but decided I wanted some easy knitting and didn’t want to have to make adjustments as I knit the mitten backwards  but I did want to make sure that I knit a long enough cuff. So this way when both mittens are done they can be tried on and we can decide how long the cuff should be. Another bonus is I will know exactly how much yarn is left to knit the cuffs.

I joked with Marty that I am probable jinxing myself by knitting these and the winter will stay so warm he won’t get a chance to wear them. He thinks I should knit a few more of these super warm mittens if that is what it takes to keep the warm weather here.

We are having such a warm winter that by the time I finish these winter might be over. Areas of the Okauchee Lake are still open and I wouldn’t trust the ice enough to walk across the lake. But we still had a nice walk we headed over to Stumpy Bay yesterday and stayed close to shore so Meva could do a little exploring. The wind made the walk brisk but we kept going cause we could hear engines and wanted to see what was up. Once we rounded the corner we could see motorcycles racing on a track. Unfortunately it was too windy to walk all the way there and watch the races maybe next weekend. There are a few ice rinks set up along the shore – we have a very large one in our bay that the boys play hockey on. On the walk back we saw a couple of ice boats sailing. The wind was really whipping them around.There were also a few people ice fishing. We stopped and talked to one group and they were catching some 7 and 8 inch perch. And one boy had just released a 23 inch northern before we stopped.  The ice looked to be about 4 inches thick- not thick enough to drive on yet.


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