Booby trap–very immature content

So I am at it again. It seems that when ever I make a toy I need to make a mini. I mean minis are so cute. The boob pillow really isn’t a toy it is more of a whimsie. And I know I said that I wrote down the pattern so Alice could make it for  herself. But then I found myself rooting through leftover yarn and thinking about how I could alter the pillow pattern and make the pattern so that I didn’t have to sew it up and a mini was the perfect way to test my ideas. And then my strange sense of humor took over and the booby trap was born.

And of course because I am a little weird I think this is the perfect little present.

I mean who among us doesn’t have a friend that would appreciate this subtle reminder to get her mammogram.Or maybe you just like the metaphor – life is full of mini booby traps just waiting to trip you up. But you will have to make your own and maybe I will even write this up if there seems to be enough interest but not tonight  cause I am too tired.


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