Looming Consequences

If you know me you know that I love word play-my blog title today sounds mysterious or like doom is lurking just around the corner. But there are no booby traps today…..this is just a play on words and a heads up to my daughter that this is what I think she should call the social club gathering. So this Monday is going to be a weaving night with a guest fiber artist!!!

Okay now do you get it… looming…weaving. Alright maybe this is too corny but you knew when I posted the painful booby trap*  that I love a good play on words.

So my daughter Alice and her husband Michael host the Monday night Social Club down in Memphis. Five in One – Memphis

Alice and Michael are the artists/owners behind  VINI. There is always something fun going on in their studios and Monday nights they open up an area for everyone to work with different media.

You get to meet lots of people and create with some unusual materials or sometimes common things used in a unique way. There are no prerequisites – you don’t need to be an artist- you just need to be willing to have fun and try your hand at something new. 

Its fun to see an idea change and evolve as it moves around the table.

And remember this isn’t school there isn’t a nun waiting to crack your knuckles if you decide you want to color outside the line. I have a feeling in this group you will be cheered on.

It isn’t even necessary to work on the project for that night maybe you have another idea that has been percolating in your brain for a while and just want to show it and talk about it.

Thats cool!!

Maybe you are even looking for a solution for a dilemma that haunts you and won’t let you finish your project. This is definately the place to find someone you can bounce an idea or two (or even three) off of.

Maybe you are the quiet type.

It isn’t even necessary to talk if you don’t want.

So if you are the type of person who always sees the glass as half full**

…..or what the heck even if you are the type whose glass is half empty

go to VINI Five in One – Memphis for a night of mad cap fun and ideas.***

*{come on Alice where is the boob key chain pattern :>} peeps are asking}

**Michael when I come visit– you have to do another glassblast night (pretty please- I promise to make and bring chocolate chip cookies if you do)

***tell Alice Mom sent you ;>{actually you don’t need an invitation or a password to go I just thought it would be fun if people said ‘hi your mom sent me to play with you’}

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