snow or not to snow

Last night is was supposed to snow — it didn’t, but here are some pictures from last week, Feb 24 when the snow was supposed to miss us.

7″ of heavy wet snow the kind that breaks branches

as it weighs them down

it looks beautiful but it is wet and slippery making  driving difficult

everything looks magical and pristine

Meva’s favorite weather – she fights with the shovel as we try to clear  the snow off our drive. she just can’t understand why we want to get rid of it.

then she will give up and stop biting at the snow shovel when she can see she can’t stop us. and sits quite regally in the bank of snow we cleared.

All this means I can sit inside and

play with some snowy goodness that arrived in the mail.  It is wonderful springy, light, wonderful soft goodness. not heavy and wet like the other arrival.

I sit and knit this gentle, airy  light fiber – it grows under my fingers

soon it doesn’t fit into my bag any more. sure when I first got it the 2 skeins fit with a little room left over. but as I knit it seems to expand.

I move it into a basket and it quickly overflows out of that too. here  is one skein is almost completely knit up. I have to dig out a new basket for it to sit in when I am not knitting.

which means Petunia will have to move. Possums are a bit cranky when they are woke up and Petunia seems to think she can nap under my knitting when I am not working on it. However at the rate this thing is growing I don’t think there will be any room for her soon.  Of course this wrap seems to have a mind of its own and at the rate this yarn is expanding maybe I should leave Petunia alone and find a much bigger basket or bag for my project to rest when I am not working.

How does something so small ^ expand into something v so large?

Todays forecast has been changed and we are supposed to get rain……which means I will be stuck inside knitting ; .

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