Procrastination — its should have been my middle name.

I am great at starting new projects and not finishing old projects. I just finished 6 bonnets(well almost finished I have to weave in ends) instead of finishing the wrap I am working on. In my defence I am wavering on the wrap--it is beautiful but I don’t have enough yarn and I also am not sure how much I will wear it so I am thinking of frogging it and turning it into a vest that I know I will wear.besides these are the bee’s knees aren’t they?

I cleaned my workspace last week and promptly messed it up again--instead of taking pictures for the pattern that Alice and I want to submit the first week of April.

And instead of proofing the monkey pattern{I think all thats left is to tink the wording for the sewing of the ears and of course pictures} I dyed 6 skiens of yarn and worked on my taxes. The taxes are in stage 2 so they are not done either. Stage one is sorting the receipts and information. Stage two is filing out the forms and doing the math. Stage Three is letting it simmer on a back burner for at least one week. And stage Four is filing out the forms in black ink and checking all the math and mailing in a check and then having a celebratory dinner and drink when it is done. The drink and dinner is my favorite part.There is a little basket with a family of foxes sitting by the couch all gazing at me every time I sit down- wondering if I am going to decide which face I like best so I can start writing a pattern. And the pie tin with an assortment of buttons that I sewed on a cowl and a basket of arms and legs and notes.

So you probable get the picture I have projects spread out in the living room and my office and on my computer. This weeks job is to clear it up and finish the little details that remain so that they are done. And then I can start a new batch of projects that can sit in unfinished stages around the house.



  1. Peg said,

    March 25, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Hi MJ seeing these photos of your knitting makes me want to come and visit you in your work room!

  2. whatzitknitz said,

    March 29, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    a visit would be lovely but my room is always such a mess. I got a few things cleared up last week but then there is always another project that takes its place

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