Barenaked yarn

It Is lovely — the pattern just exquisitebut will I wear it — that thought has been wearing on me as my fingers form each stitch and the wrap slowly grows–it is beautiful and the yarn wonderful — so springy and soft. and I also know that I am not going to have enough to finish. yes I could order more but……… in the back of my mind I want something I will get more use out of–so I pulled out the needles and started over. I added some yarn that is the same weight — leftovers from my springy yellow cowl I knit a month ago. Now this yellow and white stripe is forming under my fingers. I am using the same lace pattern Sky Ladder and my fingers enjoy the steps slowly forming and going upwards. I cast on 240 some sts. Instead of a wrap shawl it will be a hooded vest. I have made it before it is not a new pattern. I made it for my daughter with yarn unraveled from a sweater I had knit for my son. His girlfriend had thrown his hand knit sweater in the washing machine and it shrunk. It was a sweater that he loved. I was able to unravel the sweater but the yarn was slightly shrunk and there was no way to knit a sweater big enough for him. i told him I could knit a vest but he declared he wouldn’t wear a vest. So it became a hooded vest for my daughter. 10 years later she still wears it and she says she loves everything about it except it doesn’t have pockets.  So now I am knitting it again. Will it stay this color? I suspect it won’t– I am already planning to dye it probable with walnut husks. I know I am crazy about the walnut dyes. But I like the first bath best. the first dip in the walnut dye seems to be the richest a dark brown with some red overtones. I can’t wait for this to be finished now. While the yarn was still a wrap it was stagnant on my needles I think because I knew I wouldn’t get a lot of use from it. Now I can see myself wearing this sweater vest and that it will be ideal for layering on cool summer  evenings. And I will be able to use it in the fall and winter. In fact it should become a year round go to sweater. Yeah it won’t be the pattern that the designer intended for the yarn but I am still using the lace  pattern.

Dinner from the Tuesday night — and it tasted as good as it looks. I will find the recipe again and post it here later. You have to prep the chicken the day before but it was quick and easy. We had baby peas with it and some baked sweet potatoes. We will be having leftovers from this tonight.

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