15″ in

So I have started over and am 15″ in. I really should listen to my yarn – – the wrap was going slow and I think it was because I wasn’t sure about the project. I love the lace pattern and all but I wasn’t in love with the wrap. Don’t get me wrong the wrap is very pretty but sadly not me. It is a going out to a fancy dinner wrap and I am a walk in the woods kind of gal. I have shawls and get use out of them — I wrap them around my neck on a blustery day. I just wasn’t convinced that the wrap was going to work for me. A wrap is too much like a scarf and scarves get in my way the ends coming loose and tangling while I try to put the leash on the dog. So I prefer a cowl nice and tidy around my neck.

The baby blanket in the February booklet was beautiful but I don’t see grandkids in my future.  As I came to the end of the first skien I could see this would make a lovely vest – – right then I should have stopped. But I was determined to finish so I spliced the second skein and continued to knit. Half way through I could see I needed more yarn and reread the pattern. Yes, there it was I needed three skeins to finish a wrap. A wrap that would probable sit in a drawer.

But still I kept knitting. I tried to order on the internet and failed so I figured first thing Monday morning I would call. But Monday came and went. So the project was put away for 2 weeks and then I faced the truth – – I would be happier starting over. I allowed myself to grieve for a couple of days then pulled the needles out and frogged the entire thing.

Now row by row my vest is growing and I am hoping to finish it before we go up to the cabin because my yarn has been whispering to me that it want to be   dyed in walnut husks. A nice soft brown some golden brown stripes at the bottom.

I can see myself wearing this as I hike with my family on the 400 trail to see if the eagles have hatched in the nest yet.

And wearing it in the evening as we sit by the fire pit and visit with friends at the cabin.

I will smell the lingering scent of the fire when I pull my vest on in the morning when we head out to our favorite fishing spot to reel in spring crappies.

The soft, springy wool will plump a little when I wash and block it. The brown of the walnut husks will let me wear the vest without worrying about staining the pristine white wool.

This is what I wanted all along and the wool knew it ; )

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