More Vintage Knits

I found this pamphlet at St Vinnies. Old pattern booklets are a bargain there, only 4/$1.00 or .29 for a single. I love digging through the baskets of leaflets and and finding these old treasures.  Even better are the ones that are marked up with numbers and notes, then I know that it is a pattern someone loved. This booklet has a note inside to Elaine telling her that it is a fantastic book! Virginia went on to say she had copied some patterns off before sending it on. It looks like one of the ladies made the cover sweater because the pattern is all marked for the medium size. The booklet was published in 1966 and most of the sweaters are still stylish.

I love the cardigan on the cover too – I have some thick burgandy wool bought last year in the discount bin at Knitch that I think would make a lovely sweater in this pattern.And it will be the perfect color for next fall. It is worked from the top down so it will be easy to make adjustments for the thicker yarn. 

The yarn is Araucania — it is a chunky wool and I have 6 skeins at 134 yards a piece
Inside on page 19 is this cardigan I love the shoulder detail and the nubby texture.

I started this sweater in a plain aran wool but lost steam on it. But now I am thinking about knitting this in Cascade Lana Bambu. I think it would make a nice sweater for summer. I am thinking of doing the inner collar and the ribbing on the cuffs and the bottom of the sweater in the grassy green color and the main body would be charcoal gray.  This is the sweater I would like to start as soon as I finish the vest. This year I want to knit more for myself — I really need some new clothes.The vest is moving along at a good clip. I divided for the armholes yesterday and put the front on 2 stitch holders. Tonight I will do the shoulder shaping while watching Game of Thrones. I have my doubts about having enough yarn to do the hood unless I go back to yellow.

I know the hood makes it cute but I also know that it really isn’t ever pulled up over the head. If I run out I may leave the hood off and see how I like it without. I can always order more yarn and add a hood later.

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  1. Peg said,

    April 16, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Hi MaryJo, The vest is looking great! I’m glad you’re knitting for yourself . . .

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