Queen Meva is doing well. She wears her cone like a crown mostly ignoring that it is there. But like a ruler she feels the weight of the crown.Most of the day she sits very regal in her usual spot and keeps an eye on her kingdom. We go on our normal walk in the morning except we don’t play the usual chase games. Getting her to take her pills is the hardest thing. She is not a chow hound so you can’t tempt her or hide pills in her food. I showed her the pill and she sniffed it and refused to take it. Then I tried to tempt her with cheese. Nope she wasn’t going to fall for that. So I had to force it in her mouth but she is smarter than I am and hides it in her cheek and spits it out. It takes several tries before I succeed and the pill is swallowed.  Afterwards I let her have the cheese curd – she takes it but is so wary and walks away and spits it out so she can inspect it for poison. Only then does she eat it. She also won’t eat the treats that Art leaves for her in the morning. And even her favorite treat that I give her for behaving well when she meets people on our walks is accepted only after she can closely inspect it and be sure nothing is hidden in it.

But she is getting better and it is just a few more days and the pills will be gone. And she only has to wear the cone for a week.

I am working on another baby blanket. I always become quite obsessed with projects like this. Its fast and easy – its like a potato chip you can’t eat just one. I used another yarn that I found in my toy bin  its acrylic so it won’t irritate a baby’s skin.  Its a sports weight and nice and soft. The color is a light greenish gray. I went back to Ben Franklin’s with Marge to look for a yarn color to do an edging on the blanket. Neither of us could find one that we were happy with so I just grabbed a medium blue and said the heck with it. I added a little stripe to the blanket and today will work on  a lace edging. Maybe later I will make a matching cap.

I finally saw a pair of wood ducks yesterday morning. I have been watching for their return for a couple of weeks and was beginning to think that they found another neighborhood to hang out in. And finally spotted the pair in a tree outside my office window. Usually I see them in the big oak in the front yard closer to the lake. This tree is a hickory tree more towards the road. The pair landed in the tree and started clacking at each other. And just as I got my camera and was going to take a picture they moved further away . Too far to get a good picture so I just went out on the deck to watch and listen to them. They are a beautiful duck – I feel lucky to be able to see them in our yard.

Here is a picture from last spring. There a 4 wood ducks in this oak tree.

It seems every year we await the return of certain birds to know that spring has truely arrived. Now I can check this one off my list. The one bird I haven’t seen yet is the loon and I don’t remember seeing any loons last fall either. The loon is another bird that is a thrill to see and hear. I am wondering why the loons have gone missing. We usually see them in the fall and spring as they migrate through. They love the area of the lake we live on — just outside our bay is the deepest part of Okauchee lake and it is the one of the last areas to freeze over each winter. The helldivers(a nickname of the loon) gather at the mouth of the bay diving and eating to their hearts content.

Marty saw a swallow yesterday and we have spotted bluebirds already. The red winged blackbirds have been back at least a month now. The sandhill cranes are in a nearby field every morning when we walk the dog. We have even seen a meadow lark, but the loons are MIA. Could it be that it was just too warm the past year and the loons won’t be back?


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