So the another baby blanket is off my needles. Now that it is done I like the blue and gray combo. I made a few mistakes but nothing glaring.Next I will cast on for a matching hat. These are so sweet and little. When I knit these I realize how fortunate I was that my family is so healthy. Yes we have had minor problems – little bumps in the road – but for the most part we are good. I hope that seeing their small baby wrapped in a blanket and hat from a stranger helps relieve some of the tension and worry that these new parents must be feeling.

I worked in the sunshine yesterday planting a new tree in the yard. It is a locust tree and in a few years should shade a portion of the back yard. It is twisty and curly and should grow up to be a gnarly tree – my favorite kind. I love a tree with character I thought about rooting a branch of my curly willow but this close to the septic I didn’t think that would be wise.This tree is called Twisty Baby” Lace Lady Locust. It will be on the small size 8-10′ so it is perfect for our narrow lot. The down side is it has little thorns and Marty is not fond of thorns.  I have already trimmed a lot of the lower branches off.

I have plans to alter the front yard a little this year.  Meva spends most of her day up her watching the road. I have mostly native plants here and tall grasses.  However she  brings in mulch and leaves in her fur coat. I can sweep the floors and 10 minutes later it looks like a whirl wind has come through. So I am going to put in a little lawn area for her but keep the taller grasses she likes to lay behind. Hopefully this will mean a little less dirt in the house.  I will start out with a small area and expand it if I like it. Working on it a little at a time means that I can move some of the perennials to different areas of the yard.


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