Betcha, you can’t knit just one

It’s like potato chips you can’t stop at one. But unlike potato chips it is better for your cholesterol and won’t add to your waist line.Another set finished. this pattern is from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. Looking through it there are a few more patterns I would like to try. I really would like to try a bobbily pattern just to see how it looks knit up but I do wonder if it would make a good premie pattern so I am trying other patterns first. May be I will save the bobbily one for an animal.

The set I finished yesterday is a micro fiber -Batika by schoeller-stahl.  I hesitated picking this up out of the sale bin at Ben Franklin’s because I tried a different brand’s micro fiber and it was hard to knit with. But this yarn is lovely it is soft and squooshy and such lovely cheery colors. The pattern is a fun zig zag on page 123. It is easy to remember and once established a mind less knit. I read a mystery by Jo Nesbo while I knit. I finished the blanket quickly and used almost the entire ball for the blanket. I had a yard and a half left  so I cast on a 3 st icord to start my cap. Then using the 2nd ball I knit up a second i cord when they were a matching length I used these 6 sts to start the cap from the top. Increases 6 sts every other row until I had 60 sts. I added 2 short rows in the ribbing before casting off so the cap would be longer to cover the back of the head. When I was done I knotted my 2 icords into a sweet little bow at the top of the cap.So 3 down I want to do a couple more before the month is done. Maybe Track of the Turtle pattern on page 229 next.  I am thinking of adding a panel of this to the plain jane cardigan I plan to knit after I finish my vest. I have just started the left front of the vest and then will see if I have enough yarn to knit I hood — I think I will be able to eke one out.

Or perhaps I will swatch the Gingerbread Castle from the Barbara Walker book. It is such a lovely pattern I would like to make a bigger blanket with this incorporated into it. Maybe build the blanket out of squares I could sew together when it was done. Maybe a castle set in one block and build a moat around it with a wave pattern block. The pattern book has tree patterns and a woodsman cottage that could be used for other blocks. I am sure I could find dragon patterns for the border. It is fun to do this 12″ swatches and dream about what I could make with them. And it is also nice to know that these swatches can be used when they are done. If you want to join in I am knitting for the April charity in the Itty bitty Group here Ravelry: Itty Bitty Knits discussion topic – April Charity . This is a fun group of ladies with a bunch of interesting projects – check it out.It is going to be a lovely day here on Okauchee  so I am off to enjoy it.


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