More Baby Knits

It really is like potato chips once you make one you can’t stop. So here is #4 for the Ravelry: Itty Bitty Knits discussion topic – April Charity And what’s more its hard to be unhappy when you are knitting little baby things(not that I am unhappy because I am one very spoiled girl). There are so many cute patterns and so many cheerful colors to use.

The hat is my own little thing. I knit a basic hat and instead of decreasing for the top I bound off when it was the right height. So it was a basic rectangle – then I formed 2 triangles in the upper corner and stitched them similar to the way I stitch ears in my Kitty Kat pocket toy. Its an easy and quick no fuss hat.

The blanket is turtle tracks from the 2nd treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. It is on page 229 and it is similar to the the Zig Zag Ribbon stitch on page 123 that I did before. The big difference is that it uses a YO for the increase instead of M1R or M1L.Can you see it? There are times that I look through the stitch dictionaries and find a nice pattern but because of the lacy holes I don’t want to use it. And sometimes I will close up the hole so that it works for whatever I am knitting. Usually I will twist the yarn over when I knit it and that closes the hole and then I have the pattern with out the lace. And when would I do this ? I have done this for socks when I like the pattern but the holes in the lace aren’t appropriate for socks for a man. You end up with a more subtle pattern with out the holes and your son doesn’t refuse to wear the socks because they are too girly. And being a person living in the midwest I will admit I don’t knit lacy socks for myself either I like a more hearty sock to keep myself warm from the blustery winds that chill you to the bone.  You also might want to change a lacy pattern when knitting for a baby so their little fingers don’t tangle in the holes. There are all kinds of reasons and it is fun to play around and make your own look.

So other news  is I wrote to Patons and they gave me permission to share the Kitten Bonnet pattern. So tomorrow I am going to work on scanning it and then posting it here. They did ask that the pattern not be altered in any way. So if I type out some notes for what I modified separately that should be fineI am glad I wrote and asked because these are too cute not to be shared(even my knock knees look cute in these bonnets). These are a little more difficult to knit than the kitty hat at the top of this post but really it isn’t that hard. I love the structure of this hat and how the person who wrote this formed the ears. So back tomorrow with a pattern for this hat.


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  1. Mary, Tx. said,

    April 21, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    I love these little kitty bonnets too and would enjoy knitting them. 🙂

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