My Orange Marmalade tabby

So I have started  the kitty bonnet using the pattern I shared with you in the last post. I am not going to go through every line because the pattern is pretty straight forward. I do want to get a bonnet on my needles so I can try to show you how I did the 3 needles bind off and the short row back.

cast on 65 sts and work 11 rows of garter st. Which is just knit every row. This will border the face and you could use a fuzzy mohair here or some funky fake fur to frame your little kitty face.  Next up you have an increase row. In a lot of older patterns the directions will just say something like increase 20 sts evenly across the row– leaving it to you to figure out how to space the increases. this pattern is pretty thorough and has it all figured out for you. K3. *Inc 1 st in the next st. K2.repeat from* to the last 2 sts. K2 (85 sts on the needle)now the pattern directs you to knit 15 rows of stocking which we call stockinette. so knit one the right side and purl on the wrong side. Here is where I like to play around and throw in some stranded fair isle or a pattern. but to keep it simple I am just going to stripe for a tabby cat. You can just knit one color or what ever you please. once you have knit 15 rows of stockinette it is time to start shaping the ears.

K29 sts Inc 1  in each the next 2 sts. K22. Inc 1 st in the next 2 sts. knit 30.

The pattern tell you how to make your increase and leaves it up to you . personally I like m1r and m1l. I knit up to my first increase st and then pick up the st below and knit it the knit the original st. place a marker then knit 1 st and then pick up the st below. but better than me explaining it or looking at the photo below go to this page Make 1 Left or Right (M1, M1L, M1R)  where they show clearly several types of increase and decide which is your favorite increase and use it. I like placing a marker in between the two increase sts in order to make it easier to find my place with out counting.

now the pattern directs you to continue to increase 4 sts this manner until you have 125 sts on your needles. By my count this is 20 rows. In the picture below I have  5 increase rows done and you can see my kitty ears are shaping up. so I am going to knit those last increase rows and tomorrow when the light is better I will show you how I modified this old pattern so I don’t have to sew any seams.

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