garden path

I am at the cabin and really struggling with the internet hook up.

I am on a short break, luckily there are many places in the yard where I can sit down.

Above is one of my favorite places. About 5 years ago the town was doing some clearing and I asked the workmen to save me a few long trunks. They brought them to the house along with several loads of mulch.Marty and Chuck helped me dig holes to put these post in and then mixed some cement to stabilize it. On top of the 4 upright post I added 2- 2X4s. and then I started building a ‘roof’ with assorted branches.  Next we added bench seats with lumber that I got from a Amish farmer up the road. Its a very pretty spot to sit when I am in the yard. I have wild roses growing on one side of the arbor and peonies that are from my gramma’s garden on the other side.


there are also perennial sweet peas that grow up the strings that I weave  on the sides of the arbor. In a month or so there will be hundreds of blossoms here. 

I also am working on a fence line leading to the arbor. It starts with a curly willow tree and then I have taken branches and rooted them- these I

 keep trimmed and I am trying to shape them into a living fence. this is a work in progress though and might take a few years to look like anything.

This picture shows how the ‘fence’ leads straight into the arbor and then grow up and covers the top of the arbor with leafy shoots to shade it.

(I can figure out why the computer is suddenly underlining eveythingand I am tired of trying to make it stop so I hope you can ignore it)

this guy is the guardian of the upper garden — he was carved out of firewood when we were building. and yes the birds reall nest in this. he has to wear a hat because the top of his head leaks. and I felt sorry for the bluebirds that are building a nest here. (what the heck no more under lining but when I go back and try to fix the other area it comes back arrrrrggggggggg)

I give up and am going back outside and I have a dye pot brewing and some knitting lingering on my needles.


  1. baamekniits said,

    May 17, 2012 at 3:41 am

    Wow I have just been playing catchup with your posts, lots of nice reading and lovely pictures. Isn’t that turtle the cutest! I love reading about your dye garden, a bit more research and I think I will have to be trying something like that myself. How do you set your natural dyes? Congratulations to the winner of your mini skeins I am sure she will have a great time making something with all those yummy colours. I love your arbor too, we have just put in 4 holes for posts so that hubby can make me a frame to hang the swing seat I am hoping to get later in the year for my birthday. He is building a big frame so I can grow plants up over it too 🙂

    • whatzitknitz said,

      May 17, 2012 at 10:44 am

      I use alum as my mordant – and that’s what grabs and holds the color to my yarn. Some material don’t require a mordant –like onIon skins, sumac or walnuts. Onion skin is so easy to try. It is easy to get and yields such a lovely yellow.
      I would love seeIng a picture of your garden – you will love having a swing in an arbor for taking a break.

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