Memorial day week end

woke up to what seems to be traditional weather for Memorial Day week end.

rain and wind and more rain.

it’s ok though — I got a few more rows knit here. And I am finished with the brim and ready to knit the cap. I love this woven stitch for the brim I wish you could see it up close. And I love this yarn — of course I am a little bias I dyed it myself. I wrote about it on this post

the yarn turned out the exact color of Gallagher’s fields in the fall. I love the brown and gold colors. And I love how great the woven stitch looks with the variegation in this yarn. Tonight I will be moving on to the body of this cap and I think it will knit up quickly now.

before the rain stopped we moved on to a nice fish breakfast. I like my fish cooked plainly – so I soak them in milk for a while and then drain. then I toss the fish with flour and a little salt. then into a hat frying pan that I had cooked up some bacon. Now I know bacon isn’t a heart heathy food but I think we deserve a little treat this morning. After all I am one year older today.  So we had fish fried in a little bacon grease, eggs on the side with marble rye toast and  some watermelon.

the rain cleared and I got to go fishing. we saw just a few fish including a big muskie that swam slowly by as we got ready to drop anchor. We didn’t caught a thing this morning probable the muskie scared the fish away.but its nice just to get out in the boat and relax.

Meva loves to go in the boat. We really are a pair of spoiled girls — bacon and fish  for breakfast and  a nice boat ride .



  1. baamekniits said,

    May 27, 2012 at 3:59 am

    Happy Birthday….everyone deserves bacon on their birthday 🙂

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