b day in memphis

I shared pictures of my birthday in the last post and then remembered that I never shared pictures of my daughter Alice’s birthday party in Memphis. doesn’t this look like a blast playing wii on the side of a building!!!


Andrew J. Breig took the picture and shared it. And then it flew all over the internet for a couple of weeks. It even made  Reddit   http://www.reddit.com/   a internet paper that my husband reads every day. Who says Memphis isn’t a fun and happening place?

here is another picture of a video game party at Micheal and Alice’slooks like tons of fun!!

When I was pregnant with Alice I was delighted to find out that my due date was the same due date as my Mom’s May 13. Of course Alice was early by a week and I was fashionable late by over a week. Which I always claim set me up for the rest of my life because I always struggle with being on time. I have tried many tricks like sitting my clocks 15 minutes early and having everything in the car the night before. But I still run late and being late can be stressful. Now that I am retired it doesn’t matter as much — I don’t have a job to get to or a million and one things to take care of in my free time. But at times I find myself running behind. This month I am behind in my charity knitting. I just finally cast on and made 2 caps this week end.

Lucky for me baby hats are so quick to knit. The ends will have to be sewn in and I have to wash them. One is a plain jane stockinette hat. The other is a garter stitch turned on its side. I wanted to make little curled ends for a tassel but had trouble thinking it out. I didn’t want to cut the yarn as I was knitting so I settled for a curled loop. when I sew the side of the hat up I will wrap yarn around this and it will be more of a tassel. If I had made fewer of them I think it would have looked like a flower — I could even put a button in the center. I think I will make another like this and play around with it.And I am still working on my cap. I have finished the ribbing and have 3 pattern repeats done.It is going much faster now. I love the woven brim but it was a tight knit. I even broke the needle I was working with and had to run out and get a replacement. Later I will take a better picture so you can see the fancy stitch I am doing now.

Whew!! Now I feel a little caught up ; )

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