Chuck’s quilt

When I posted about my vintage quilts a couple of weeks ago I decided to take some pictures of other quilts that I have so I can share them with you. As I said in the Auntie Em post – quilts are very personal for me. I love to look at the fabrics and my favorite quilts are scrappy quilts that hold memories in them.

I made this quilt for my son Chuck. Some of the fabrics are old scraps from curtains and clothing and others were bought with nothing in mind- I just liked them.

The thing that sets this quilt apart is it is a memory quilt of my children’s Great Grandma Kay and her sister Aunt Helen.

When Alice and I were cleaning out the house after Grandma moved in with her daughter we found a small trunk filled with hankies. Fancy monogrammed hankies.

Simple embroidered squares made by childrenSome were still in boxes from the department stores where they were bought – never used. Other were worn and creased from the many times they were ironed. there was close to 100 hankies in the trunk- more than these two ladies could ever use.

To turn the squares into a memory quilt I ironed them onto a piece of cotton with some fusible cloth and then stitched around the hankie. Then I searched for a pattern I could quilt to go around them. I ended up making up this star in square pattern. Chuck brought home a month ago so I could clean it and the quilt is holding up well. There is only one square that I might have to replace because the fabric was just too flimsy. I sent it back home with him last weekend. I am sure as he uses it each winter he remembers his Grandma and his Aunt Helen and the wonderful meals they used to make him and his sister on Sunday afternoon. And the fun they had staying over night at their house. The two sisters liked to spoil my children.


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