knitting wise I finished and blocked 4 hats for charity. I like this little tassel on the sideways hat. This is an easy garter stitch hat.

I am using Bernat Softee Baby an acrylic, worsted weight yarn because these tiny babies can have problems with wool. The needles are us#3

I wrote out some sketchy notes on what I did as I knit and thought I would share them with you. Of course then you are going to know just how much work my daughter does to clean up my patterns and make them knitable.

You cast on 32 sts

row 2 – and each even row – knit back

row 3 – knit 29 sts wrap and turn

row – 5 knit 26 sts wrap and turn

row 7 – knit 23 sts wrap and turn

row 9 – knit 20 sts wrap and turn

row 11 – knit 17 sts wrap and turn

now you have the first wedge of the hat. and you continue to knit your wedges. since you don’t have to cast on for the second wedge your 1st row is to knit 32 st. row  and row 2 is to knit back. If you continue this way you will have a basic garter st cap after 9 or 10 wedges. You will notice I said 9 or 10– not exact but sometimes you have to look at your knitting and decide how it will fit and adjust accordingly. Now the preemie hats for the charity don’t have an exact sizing after all babies come in all different  sizes – don’t they. So when I read the directions for the first preemie charity this spring it suggested a hat about the size to fit a grapefruit. When I made the first one I was stunned   ‘a baby this size — no way!’  And I thought my babies were tiny. The directions for the blankets were 12″x12″. Thats a little bigger than a wash cloth. SO you can imagine how fast these hats and blankets go. Its very easy to make 3 or 4.

But back to the hat if you want a flowery tassel on the top like I made…  the second wedge is a little different. On the first row you knit to the end and then turn but before knitting back cast on 11 sts. Now turn and knit into the front and back of these 11 sts. So now you have 22 extra sts. Now turn and knit 1 then knit the next st and slip the 1st st over the 2nd. That’s right you are going to bind off those extra sts. When you have bound off the extra sts you will notice that you have a nice little loop going — then take the last st on this loop and knit it with the first of your original 32 sts. Then just knit the rest of your row(this is row 2). Now knit your wedge just like the first one.

Like I said you just keep working these wedge shapes and pretty soon you will have 9(or possible 10) done then just bind off and sew the seam — hat done!

Well I just found out June’s charity is knitting baby hats again and I have a couple other ideas to try out.

I also finished my hat. I really like it. It is lightweight knit of sock yarn that I dyed last fall. I am almost happy the weather turned cool again so I can wear this hat!



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