Garage sales

Made quite a haul this week end. Suzie and I went to the yearly garage sale at our local yarn store Knitch. Once a year Knitch sponsors a sale where the customers bring in yarn, books and needles they no longer what. And then after the collections it is all arranged in the back room. There were so many goodies this year it was hard to choose. All the yarn I brought home was sock yarn. 

I found these two sock yarn each with 2 patterns. I don’t know if the pastel color is really me but I wanted to try this yarn — it is blue leichester. I might over dye the yarn and make it a little darker.

This one is more my colors — it just screams autumn – my favorite season.

I knit a sweater for my son from this booklet 11 years ago. it is a very basic raglan plan that you can play around with to make your own pattern and it was only 50 cents,Oh and I may have picked up a lot of Noro sock yarn for a very cheap price. I love these square needles. After I tried them I bought 3 more pair so my daughter, my sister and my Mom could try them too. They are so easy to knit with and no finger fatigue.

A few more books may have sneaked  in my bag too but I think I will show you later.


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