So I think I mentioned what a great time Suzie and I had shopping at the annual garage sale at our favorite yarn store ( Here is one of the booklets I picked up. I just can’t resist these older booklets – – this one is probably from the 60’s

I mean who couldn’t resist this matching ensomble (well I think my husband could)

And the picture below just shouts Mayberry in the alps (remember Andy and Opie and of course Aunt Bee)

And who wouldn’t want to know what this couple is discussing?

All this and more was mine for a mere 25 cents. Originally this booklet was 75 cents.

I think there is a chart or two in here that I will use in my knitting even though I don’t think matching sweaters are in my future.

I read an interesting blog about inflation and the cost of knitting. You can read it here

Karen ends here study saying she wonders what the future knitters will make of our current magazines when they find them at rummage sales. And this makes me wonder because I already have a stack of oldies but goodies from when I was a young mom. I would have to look in the basement closet but I am pretty sure you can find Vogue Knitting there from 1985 and also some of the first Interweave magazines too.

And finally here is a toy I finished last week. A cute dragon designed by Sharon at

Thelma the Dragon will be going to Knitch soon when they have the toy drive for PB&J.


  1. Peg said,

    June 11, 2012 at 11:32 am

    What a neat booklet! I think if I were a teenager from the 60’s those three adults on the cover would have been a nightmare . . . Just checked out the sweatyknitter; interesting article.

  2. whatzitknitz said,

    June 11, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Peg You are right these people staring at me would have given me bed dreams too.
    You need to check out SweatyKnitter this morning just too funny…hysterical women treatments!

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