First fall KNITTY

Knitty is live

No I don’t have a pattern in the current knitty but I did submit a pattern. Well it was a long shot because I submitted a toy pattern and knitty doesn’t do that many toy patterns.

but I did think my picture was quirky enough…….what do you think?presenting         Canned Ham and the Spamettes

I even staged a little escape for the little piggies that made me giggle.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had this winter making pigs. I am not even sure how many I made. You would think I would get tired of knitting the same thing over and over but I don’t.

My daughter Alice turns what I write into a readable pattern and formats it into a pdf.

My sister Peg helped me out by testing the pigs (and I know she made more than one).

I wish that I had made it into Knitty but you know– we had fun trying and as soon as my daughter has her computer back from the shop we will have two patterns to show you.

I can only imagine how many knitters submit their pattern and how tough it is to figure out what everyone will want to knit for this fall. I love the patterns that were picked  and am already thinking about what I want to knit next…..

this jumper is adorable — I would love to make an adult size one.

and the foreword on this one made me laugh out loud –I may have to knit my own mitt romneys.


I am thinking about how I can dye some yarn for these socks

 and you have to look at the pattern for this blanket –it is beautiful!

Check out the new issue of knitty  I bet you find a thing or two that you want to cast on for right now.


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