Knitting 70’s style

I hear the garage sale was a huge success with a couple of people selling $200 worth of their old things. Way to clear out the stash(and now they can buy new yarn).

I love the treasures I bought–here are 2 more of the books I got…

I am working on enchanting my knits so this was just perfect

I had actually borrowed this at the library in LaValle. When we were living in LaValle you could go into the library and order books and twice a week the book mobile would bring your selections into town for you to pick up. I went to the library so often Dave would sometimes have my books out and my membership punched in when he saw me pull into  the parking lot. Small towns are fun ; )

I borrowed this book three times – there are such beautiful charts in this book to incorporate into your knitting. And at just $5 how could I go wrong. The authors Catherine Cartwright -Jones and Roy Jones are machine knitters but the patterns can easily be handknit. One of the patterns I have used from this book is a raven that I knit into a pair of fingerless mitts.

I can’t wait to work on some stranded mittens and use these wonderful charts. I think I see wolf mittens coming up in my knitting!

This one’s cover reminded me of the Golden Hands instruction book that I knit from in the early 70’s so I scooped it up for $2 not bothering to page through it until I got home.

And I am not sorry– it is a blast from the past. The patterns range from babies all the way to teens for both boys and girls.

I love the photo ops at the zoo. Remember sweater dresses…I wore a burgandy red sweater dress for my first ‘real’ job interview. I was 16 and it was a move up for me to apply at Ellais Brothers Big Boy. Till then I had babysitting jobs and also worked for one family cleaning their house and starting dinner after I got out of school in the afternoon. Of course my dresses weren’t this short–Mom wouldn’t have let me out of the house in a dress that short.

 I did land that job and I was the worse waitress Big Boy ever had ; )

I bet you thought I would say what a wonderful waitress I was — didn’t you??

but no — waitressing is a hard job and it takes a special person to be really good at it. And I wasn’t that person.

Don’t you love the zebra and this striped dress!! And yikes look at those bangs. I wore short bangs and my smile featured crooked buck teeth when I was that age.
And these toys– get a load of that space man. Its too funny — but I will admit I recently did some thing similar taking a picture of one of my toys with a glass over the head so it was a spaceman. And look at Aladdin and Abanazar .

Louise Daniels wrote this book. I am not sure she wrote all the patterns or if she picked them out and  it was published in 1971.

So I am at the cabin just like I usually am midweek. The tempeture has really dropped– great for working in the garden but not so great for fishing. The fish barely bite on the bait and half the time spit it out when we get them up to the boat. Even the fish tickler is not catching fish ; )



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