Turtles snapping and tickling fish

So the Fish Tickler and I are back from the cabin. Generally we spend mid week at the cabin — tickling fish in the evening. {this blue gill was released back into the wild. He was too pretty to eat and besides Tickler doesn’t care to clean them}

During the day I play in the yard while Marty works on his computer.

The day lilies are in bloom now. Wouldn’t a lacy knit of these colors be beautiful — the bright  yellow could be dyed with golden rod, the intense orange with marigolds and the pale yellow with jewel weed early in the season. And the edge would have to have a slight ruffle just like this flower.

There was so much to see in the yard. This morning as I was packing the car I wanted to get a picture of the first perennial sweet pea flower in bloom but wouldn’t you know the camera ran out of batteries ; (

But thats ok I was able to take these pictures as we headed out on our walk(I was so happy that the camera didn’t chose to run out of batteries while I was snapping pictures of this)She was a little grumpy about being disturbed so early in the morning. But after taking a couple of pictures I decided to put her in a little safer spot than the middle of the road.Ok I don’t look too happy in these pictures and I admit I was squealing Oh..oh..oh in a rather high voice the entire time I had the turtle in my gloves. And thats why Meva looks so worried.The turtle kept lunging her head around and trying to snap at my hands.

And also tried her best to piddle on me hoping I would put her down.

Didn’t Mr. Tickler take some good pictures(he only cut my head of in one or two of them)I set her down on the gravel pad where we park and then we could start our morning walkYou might have noticed I called the turtle a she and wonder how I could possible know the sex of the turtle? Well I didn’t peek…… if that is what you were wondering. I assumed — because often we will see turtles come up out of the lake to build a nest. And for some reason they love the gravel along side the country roads. They dig out a hole and then they proceed to lay eggs. I don’t know if I am being helpful but when I see a turtle traveling back to the lake I always pick her up and get her to the other side of the road before a car has a chance to run her over. A few years ago we were lucky enough to have a hatch on our property. We had a pile of gravel that was left over from construction where a turtle had laid eggs and for a couple of days we found itty bitty snapping turtles scooting through the yard on their way to water.

Well, I will be back tomorrow to share pictures of the garden and some yarn I dyed but now I need to do some chores and get a few groceries because I want to make potato pancakes to go with our fresh fish fry tonight.

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