hair cut from hell

The weather here is hot — almost unbearable hot. A few weeks ago I made an appointment for Meva to get a much needed bath and a hair cut. This is Meva with her new friend Finnigan(Meva is the big one with the long fur)

I gave the groomer a heads up– in fact we had a long conversation about Meva.

Meva hates to be groomed – she doesn’t like to be brushed or for me to pick things out of her fur. She mouthes my hand when I try — she whimpers — she pulls away — she snaps and grumbles. And she really hates to be bathed. We live on a lake and she will wade into the water but that’s as far as she will go.

When she sees other dogs jumping in the water and swimming you can tell she thinks they are crazy. Finnigan loves the water but Meva wouldn’t have any part of it.

So the last time she had a bath was a little over 2 years ago when she decided to make friends with a skunk. The friendship really didn’t go well. Don’t bother with tomato juice– google dogs and skunks on the internet to find a recipe for a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix to get most of the odor out.

I explained all this to the groomer and she was very confident that she wouldn’t have any difficulty with our dog.

Yesterday we dropped Meva off with high hopes.

And 3 hours later I got a very apologetic call asking me to pick up our dog and a warning that she did not look so hot.

In fact it was a rather long call loaded with information about how Meva discovered ways to get out of the restrant they use to keep the dog on the table while they trim them. And how she even managed to open the door and get out in the parking lot when they decided to take a short break to regroup and try a new tactic. They didn’t even manage to get her wet.

But they did get some hair off and I think I will try to trim off a little on the legs and butt every morning so she looks a little more even.
By the way the groomer is very nice and none of the other dogs there looked like they had mange– just ours. My dog is just a handful and very strong willed so this story does not reflect on the groomer’s talent at all. And she was more than willing to try again(but that my dog would need to be asleep to do a decent job)

but with all that said Meva is much happier(I think) she is cooler and by fall she will look like herself again.


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