Knit in public

Or should I say spin.Saturday was knit in public day. And I went to Delefield and joined other knitters in the square to show off our knitting. Now I knit in public all the time. I rarely go out with out some knitting project in my purse. I never am a passenger in any vehicle with out my knitting. It doesn’t bother me at all if some one stares or comments on it. I like to knit and I like to be able to work on something while I am waiting for a doctor appointment or visiting with friends. I take my knitting fishing so even if I don’t catch any fish I at least get something done.My hands are rarely idle. I even knit while I read. I will even share how to knit if you are really interested. I am not self conscience about my knitting

I was lucky to meet this lady — a truely awesome spinner — Leanne.

It is mesmerizing to watch her fingers turn a pile of scrap wool into lovely yarn so effortlessly. And really she told me these were leftovers she had laying around. And that she was going to turn this scrappy wool into a jumper for one of her daughters. We happily talked about spinning wheels and wool and  our wonderful families ; )

 Leanne has a shop here with wonderful batts she cards and also some gorgeous yarns spun up and ready to knit or crochet into your own treasures.

She also moderates a ravelry group here  —

I wish I had taken a picture of the fantastic crocheted socks she pulled out of her bag to show me. The color was great I think Leanne called it turkish delight. And who knew that you can  crochet afterthought heels.

I am really drawn to spinning wheels lately–I gave a spinning wheel to Alice for her B-day. and she is going to give me some lessons when she comes for a visit. I am hoping that we can go to the sheep and wool festival in Jefferson.  I am pretty excited about learning how to spin and can’t wait for Alice to visit.

When I got home I found the latest installment of the bare naked club If you are a member and haven’t gotten your shipment don’t look any further or else you might see a picture of this lovely wool.



the patterns are lovely too – a beautiful hap shawl and a stranded work tam.

*note the yellow wool kind of snuck in there .It isn’t from the bare naked club it is a different project I am working on.


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