What really bugs me!

June is heavenly by my arbor- earlier this month there were  peonies-big, white, pompom  blooms that smell like the fancy talcum powder that you used to buy at the 5 and 10.  Now the my prairie rose and perennial sweet peas are in bloom. This entrance to my garden is just buzzing with bees going from flower to flower.

Here’s a closer look at the sweet peas– they come back year after year and I string the arbor each spring so they climb up the back of the seats. They will bloom quite a while and usually are still going in the fall unlike the annual sweet pea that quits when the weather gets hot.

This year the blossoms range from a deep pink to a white with just a hint of pink. It’s an idyllic scene – but in real life there is no perfect idyllic scene. Yes there is always a monster behind the door.

And if you look closer  lurking in the pretty buds is an evil creature — the Japanese beetle. See him trying to hide behind the flowers.

And they are also devouring the roses.

these beetles are a lovely metallic  green and orange

but don’t be deceived by their good looks they will eat all the leaves in your garden quicker that you can say SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. And then they will eat the flowers and your cat. Ok, I might be exaggerating about the cat but they eat everything in sight leaving just the skeletonized foliage behind. They are in the roses and the grape arbor. They have found one of the pussy willows but luckily not the hedge of willows on the other side of the house. They started nibbling on the jewel weed I grow under the deck.

It started slowly –I spotted just a couple 2 weeks ago. But this week there were a few more. And now when I go for a walk I see neighbors have hung out traps for the beetles. Now scientist have done studies that claim the traps attract more beetles than you would normally have in the garden but I have given up –before leaving the cabin to come home I hung out 3 traps. I don’t think I have as many beetles as last year but they are still there- every time I go out in the yard I squish at least a dozen.

Last year I sprayed nematodes on the lawn to get rid of the larva and when I dig in the yard I don’t see any grubs so I think its working but it doesn’t matter because when the beetles are done eating in my neighbors yard they fly over to my house for dessert.  Apparently they aren’t a big nuisance in Asia where they have natural predators. But with out natural predators these little guys will gorge themselves and eat their way through the yard not stopping to take a breath.And even worse after the romantic diner and flowers they copulate in plain sight–thats right they have sex right there in the flower bed. The nerve of them. And it is wild orgy sex- sometimes there are a dozen or more sharing partners on one grape leaf or in this case a stem on a rose bush. (these 3 good pictures of the bugs are from wikipedia)Yes it is disgusting. And I guess I am a prude because I am  against this flagrant display in full view of our children.

So that’s what bugs me. Well that and the stupid sh** that our state government pulls.

Ok….. I think I better take a deep breath and maybe double down on my pills and look at the big picture instead of the close ups that show the carnage happening in the yard.Thats right ….I will take a deep breath…. sit in the shade…. pull out my knitting and try not to look closely at what is hiding in the flower beds.

ps. I may have to talk the fish tickler into getting me some chickens. My little sister takes her chickens into the flower garden with her in the evening and flicks beetles off the plants while the ladies gobble them up. That sounds more fun than nematodes(which I got here http://www.gardensalive.com/article.asp?ai=79)


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