; )

So I have been cleaning my ‘office’. Office is a loose word because this is just the room that my computer lives in. And I don’t work……..I play so maybe this is just my play room. This room is more of a romper room(an old tv show from the 50’s) than an office.

I have a  day bed in there and can take a nap if I don’t have it piled with projects. under the day bed I have baskets and boxes of wip and yarn(which I can’t bring myself to take a picture of).

above the day bed is a shelf for books and a bulletin board.I try to keep this area clean but usually fail miserable at it.

And as I clean I get distracted…….

…… I re-found these monkeys –all I need to finish is some snaps and a smile.

These foxy brothers still need noses.

The turtles need eyes

are you seeing a theme here.

and to top everything off I started a new swatch using techniques from my new book.

I really have to get this desk cleared!!!!

last night I worked more on this fringed mess and it is looking like this. well not looking exactly BECAUSE like everything else it is missing EYES!!!!

I told you Popknitting is a fun book — so  many ideas!


PS….. my ‘office’ still is not cleaned up ; )

PSS…… be sure to check here


I will be knitting toys all month and if you knit a toy to donate I will give you a piggie pattern. And stay tuned because as I clean out my stash I am going to make up a couple of PINK PIGGIE  kits to give away too.


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