swatching away in Margaritaville

So in the last post you saw this and I am loving this book and the monster it has inspired.

Britt-Marie Christoffrsson wrote popknitting Bold Motifs Using Color & Stitch. And it is bold – the designs pop off the page and beg to be used. There is a definate 60’s vibe here -kind of PeterMax and Andy Warhol all rolled into one.

My monster is coming along very well………….  it started its life as a swatch that looks a little like a  funky scarf.what looked like a dimple……..has unraveled into…………

……….. an after thought mouth(look on page 130 for the chapter on Holes and holes with borders for all kind of fun).

Open wide and say AAHHeerrrrrggggg!silliness continues —

–and morphs into big, wormy lipsthe torso is welted and striped in this orangey wool. Welting sound painful but it is simple and fun slipped stitches.

( there are two chapters describing slipped stitch welts)

curly tenacles tied off for hair (there are 3 chapter for playing with ties in your knitting and this particular one is knit right into the pattern with out cutting the yarn)

there is  a pocket if you dare to put your hands into that funny mouth.

now for some eyes — I think goggly eyes would be best. Should they be crossed eyed? Or different colors? ………maybe he has 3 eyes in a cluster.

Is my monster like a bug with 6 legs or does he have claws like a crawdad?

If he has claws like a crawdad than he definately needs a tail!


I am having a blast with my  swatch!!

Check out the Itty Bitty Group here for more fun and charity knitting

and come back later in the week to see what happens with my monster.


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