Last week my neighbor’s daughter was visiting. Suzie and I had a chance to catch up. And the dogs had a chance to play together. Well only a little cause it was too hot. I didn’t get a current photo of Cree so you will have to take my word that he is getting bigger and is quite a gentleman(most of the time)

As for us we tried to stay cool in the shade and work on our knitting. Suzie is working on a toy for the toy drive as you can see below. Suzie has only been knitting for a year which is hard to believe. I mean look at how nice and even her stitches are.

Now at this point you might be saying whatzthat…..but before you know it Suzie will be casting off the last stitch and folding it up……

….maybe now you can see it. See there is the beak and add a couple of eyes….

Yes before you know it there will be a handsome owl like this one.

I love Suzie’s choice of colors the red is so cheery and bright and the chest is going to be black which will show off the lacy pocket. And Suzie claims that she isn’t good at reading the charts but her Dragon skin stitch on the back is perfect. I just wish my pictures were perfect. Well I will get a better shot next visit when she is done.

there are pictures of my owls here on ravelry and there is even a pattern available.




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