Well I think I mentioned more than once that I was going to do a give away this month. I kept promising but neglected to post any pictures of the give away. Well here it is….Knitting for charity is its own reward but to shake things up a bit I will give a pattern for the pig in the picture above to every one who donates. And also as you can see in the picture I have a project bag with the worsted wool to make a large canned ham and sock yarn to make the mini spamette and I just found some pink cotton to make a scrubbie buddy bath toy. I am still looking around for a few other goodies to include for the give away. The project bag is a genuine feed sack and of course the feed sack is  for sow feed(I mean how could it be anything else). This bag is ready to carry your pig project with you where every you are headed – the beach – a baseball game you name it. You will just need to supply the needles and the fiberfill stuffing.

Ok entering is easy make a toy to donate to PB&J and your name will be entered.The donated toys will make their way to Milwaukee’s Children Hospital to be given to the kids in the HOT(hematology/oncology/transplant) unit.  Its hard to imagine how lonely and scary it is for a child to be cooped up in a hospital setting away from the familiar comforts of home. The average stay is a month. They take all kinds of knits including hats but they are always short on toys.

You can read about PB&J here


and you can see my pattern here


well this little piggie has to go make dinner……….


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