Hartjie’s Cabin Shop

I love poking around in antique stores and was delighted to discover a new shop had opened in LaValle, Wi. Delighted and surprised. The store is above Hartje’s.

Hartje- for those that aren’t familiar with the area- is the place to go whenever you run out of anything. It is the gas station/hardware store/repair shop/ bait store/ well you name it Connie probable stocks it and if she doesn’t- she will know where you can get it.
If you walk past the cashier counter and head back to the beer coolers you will see a stairway and a sign to the cabin shop.

Upstairs there is an assortment of antiques

and also quilts and pictures made by local artisans

these pictures are made with some vintage fabric and framed with recycled barn wood.

I am not sure the sheep are local but couldn’t resist the wooly goodness after all I am a knitter.

I love this clock

My neighbor makes these beautiful tables from tree limbs he finds in the woods

His wife makes the fun bird baths below. Wouldn’t that be perfect in my butterfly garden?

Every where you look in the shop a treasure catches your eye.But at the same time the displays are not so cluttered that they are overwhelming.

Each time you visit there you can discover something new that you overlooked the time before.

tThere are old kitchen gadgets to place on your counter– that aren’t just decoration they really work

I was delighted with this old thing-a-ma-bob. I love the decortive  embossed surface. (oh how I wish my camera captured a better picture).  And Shelley told me I was right it was a thing-a-ma-bob(very technical name) and it was probable adjustment for a boiler. I know if I thought long enough I could find the right spot for this. Turns out Shelley’s father was a collector of these old metal things.

The one above was some kind of switch plate and has electrical fittings on the back. Wouldn’t this be great above your door bell.

I really love these old  irons. The one front and center must weigh 25 lbs. No wonder our Grandmas didn’t need to go to the gym. They had a workout just doing the laundry.

But my two favorites are this painting of wood ducks and the basket below. Now I wish I had thought to bring a pencil and paper to write down the names of the artists who made these. They really are very special. I love wood ducks and am lucky enough to have 4 wood ducks that visit the yard every spring. One of these years I am going to convince someone to put up a nesting box for me because I am sure one of the couples would move in. I would love this painting on the wall in the living room.

And this antler basket could follow me around the house. I could stash a knitting project in it and carry it from room to room. Of course then everyone would think the basket was so much prettier than  my knitting  ; (

Oh just kidding I think I am going to count up the mad money in my coin jar and see if I have enough for this– cause I love it. I might have to have more than one because it would be the really great X-mas present filled with my homemade  brittle.

Well if you are in the area you really should stop in. There is so much to see and covet and the prices are very reasonable. And you will probable see a thing-a-ma-bob that grandpa had in the shed and used for who knows what……and it would be the perfect thing for……..


  1. Deb Imhof said,

    July 24, 2012 at 3:11 am

    WOW what a fun place to visit!! What a fun blog Mary JO!! YOU are amazzzzing.

    • whatzitknitz said,

      July 24, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      the store is amazing Debbie. I just love wandering around up in the shop ; )

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