Oodles of poodles

Last week I found this gem at St. Vinnie’s and knew I had the perfect yarn in the stash for this. It is a booklet from 1964 and calls for  Spinnerin yarn that is no longer available. But pom-pom yarn might be just the thing.

Specialty yarn can be problematic – it looks so fun in the store and then it sits in a box under the bed at home. Well unless you like making toys.  I bought this yarn to make a sheep for someone but have oodles of it left.

So can you imagine my surprise when this box arrived last week. It came all the way from Michigan loaded with toys for PB&J http://www.palsbringjoy.com/www.palsbringjoy.com/Welcome.html

 And whatz that on top – nestled in with bears and hippos and raggedys?

An adorable poodle was peeking out of the box just begging to be taken for a walk. 

Look at all that sweet pink cuteness – why it just makes me want to dig out a poodle skirt and white anklet socks and go to a sock hop in the school gymnasium.

these monkeys in their conga line are ready to dance too!

A bevy of bunnies in their Sunday best

the tiniest fairy is ready to grant a wish.

and of course a monster or twoRaggedy Anne & Andy  are adorable right down to Anne’s cotton bloomers.

But I must admit some poodle love here and even earmarked the pattern http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dominique-pomp-a-poodle

 Joolieknits is a fabulous knitter and so generous to donate all these toys. She is a friend from the Itty Bitty group on Ravelry here-        http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/itty-bitty-knits/2202444/1-25

Go to her pattern page to see more toys and hats http://www.ravelry.com/projects/JoolieKnits .

And also check out what she is up to on her blog http://jooliesews.blogspot.com/ and sign up for her give away.

Oh and while we are at it don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into my give away for a pattern ; ) the drawing is on Friday.  And also you can get a free canned ham pattern with any toy donation. Lets fill up the Knitch’s window with toys for PB&J. http://www.knitch.net/  *picture is of last year’s window

1 Comment

  1. Louise M said,

    August 4, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    I just love your patterns! and joolie knit’s stuff is great too.

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