This has been a fun week of knitting toys. I know that I have show a few pictures here and on my ravelry page but I can’t help myself — the snakes in this Team Spirit Yarn is just fun. Even if you aren’t into sports the colors are bright and Dr Suess-ish. I am positive a little boy will enjoy these. I kept a skein of yarn in my project bag and knit on these snakes whenever I was sitting. Each one took me about 4 hours and I tried to do something a little different each time.

So the first Znake I cast on at the tail  and continued up to the head. I worked on dp needles and at the sides of the znake I increased and decreased to create a curve. Boy I am not explaining that well am I.

Lets  back  up— I started with just 3 sts and knit a i-cord for a few rounds. Then I increased slowly(every 3 or 4 rows) until I was pleased with the girth of the znake.

But I felt the stripes were too wide so I knit from each end of the skein so I could control how long each band of color was.  When I had 22 sts and I was getting bored with the plain stripes I decided to add a bit of an angle to the stripes. To do this I increased at the beginning of the round then decreased at the halfway point. Then for the second half of the round I did the opposite –I decreased and then knit to the end of the round and increased.

That creates a stripe that is angled on the bias and it also makes the znake gently curve and zlither. When I knit the length I wanted I added a few short rows until the znake’s head was straightened out and then did some more increases to shape the head and then decreased just like you would for the toe of a sock and cast off.

since I had plenty of yarn and the znakes knit up fast I decided to knit more znake.

znake #2 I switched to Chicago colors and cast on like I was doing a toe up sock figuring the mouth would look better. I made increases to shape the head and then decreased so I could start the body. I decided to knit on the bias again but this time to increased and decreased every other row. This makes a sharp angle and to make it easy to remember which row I was doing the shaping on I switched which side of the skien I was using every 2 rows also making narrow stripes.  But this I could see that this would just be a straight line unlesss….I reversed the directions of my increases and decreases so I would have a right angle and then a left. Now my znake zigs and zags. Lots of fun.

Ok but there was still more yarn so what if I knit  short rows in bands of colors on  snake#3.

Cute — but  I really like the right angles of the 2nd znake.

And if I sew the buttons eye on the back of the head I have a left angle to go with the right angle –right???

Yes I like that – two znakes twined together.

well there is a little of yarn left maybe just enough for 2 short znakes

How about short rows on the top of the snake #5?

Starting with short rows on the face where I am going to sew eyes and then continue short row bands  down the back.  My znake becomes bumpy instead of curvy.

 My znake becomes bumpy instead of curvy.

Ohh this is fun —

I do love the sharp angles of the zig-zag znakes  but–

the faces are just a little flat. I like the face on znake #5– but this time double the short rows on the eyes now the znake #6 has bulging eyes. 

Knit some sharp angles and —

Six slithering, zig-zagging znakes and I have knit every inch of my 2 skeins of yarn. Lots of fun and I got to play around with my knitting. This gives me lots of ideas  to use the next time I am making legs or eyes.

How about you? Do you play with your knitting?

does this give you any ideas for fun toys?


1 Comment

  1. Peg said,

    July 26, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    These are so neat! I want to try . . .I love the bulging eyes. I can picture a hairy caveman doll with a caveman brow!

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