finish line

I finished my ravellenic games a day early. Its kind of nice I finally have time to catch up on everything else. Tonight my big project will be sewing a zipper in my finished vest.


Here it is drying on the deck. I love this wire table for blocking and drying.

This vest has been a thorn in my side since starting it way back in February.

It started its life as a shawl The february shawl from Knitspot Barenaked club.

Its a beautiful pattern but when I started it I misread and didn’t do the correct size so I      ran out of yarn. but even before running out I had my doubts about my project.

I wanted to be selfish and keep this for myself ..but white isn’t the best choice for me. I think I will be ladylike and careful enough to not ruin and stain something white but life happens and I invariably fail at the lady like stuff.

A long shawl is just asking for trouble. I can see it now draped around my shoulders and a spot of red wine on the top and the end having a brown stain because it got dipped in the gravy bowl when I reached for the salt.

I tried to order more yarn on the internet on a weekend but due to a glitch on my part failed. The more I thought about it fate was trying to steer me in a different direction.



So I remembered a vest I made many moons ago for my daughter. It is a much loved vest made out of yarn I frogged from a sweater that was washed improperly and shrunk. Don’t ask how I managed to frog a shrunk sweater or why I take on these impossible tasks – I don’t know but somehow I ended up with enough felted yarn for a vest out of that man sized sweater.  But this vest is a much loved sweater and gets pulled out every fall and worn until it is just too hot out and it must be at least 10 years old. If we are lucky Alice will read this and take pity on the mom who never took a picture of her in that sweater and send a picture so I can add it here.

But anyways I wanted that sweater for myself. There wasn’t enough club yarn but I had a yarn that was somewhat close to it in size(if you squinted and crossed your eyes when you looked at it). So I would stripe  and  then over dye the sweater when it was all done.

It could work right?

So I started to piece it together. Putting in the sky ladder lace on the body– finishing the armholes (which seemed too big). It was coming together. Then when I started the hood I could see that there wasn’t going to be enough yarn even though I had striped the bottom with a yarn I dyed in onion skins. And a stripe wouldn’t look good on the hood. So out came some undyed yarn in a similar size and I striped it with the club yarn. Then I finished the hood with a 3 needle bind off.  Now to clean up the front edge I decided an i-cord would fix it. Well it did and it didn’t. I was fine for the first half but on the second half I was running out of the onion skin yellow again and I must have tightened up my knitting cause when I cast off I discovered that one side was much shorter than the other.  I stuffed it in a bag and hid it out of my sight in disgust. 

But I still wanted the vest–when the games were announced I thought this would give me the chance to finish it. I am slightly competitive and with a deadline I might make it. After all I just needed to fix the front and finish the armholes that were way too big. (yes I know very bad pictures but at least you can see the progress)

Now a normal person would have pulled out the bag and checked the supplies and assessed the problems before committing. But then what fun would that be. I started and finished my toy caterpillar. I started and just needed to cast off my sheltie shawl. I threw my bag with my vest into the car for a trip to the cabin. SO you can guess where this is heading. I finished the cast off on my shawl on the drive to the cabin. When I opened my bag to start the vest the needles were not in there. And neither was the magazine with the project my vest was loosely based on. Arrrrrrrgggg. Ok I can deal with this — I ripped out the icord that was bad and cast on with the loft yarn that was left over from the sheltie shawl. it isn’t easy to knit icord with 2 straight needles but it can be done so I got the front done. But the armholes would have to wait until I got home and had some circular needles to knit them.

Now once I was at home I found needles but the magazine wasn’t anywhere to be found. But that wouldn’t stop me – I was going to hobble across the finish line some how. I cast on in a 4×2 rib and threw some cables in it to match the hem and executed a few short rows and cast off. It is almost the vest of my dreams and it was done. It wasn’t going to haunt me when I cleaned under the bed. But it did haunt me a little —I knew when I started I wanted to dye this so why not. 

So now it is dyed and drying — I will pull out a sewing needle tonight and stitch the zipper in(please don’t say anything about the zipper I had an awful time shopping for it I know it isn’t right but it will have to do). Tomorrow when I walk the dog I will wear my vest with the same pride the olympic winners wear their medals. I doubt I would win a ribbon if I entered it in the county fair but it doesn’t matter I took my yarn and made something I will use-hopefully for many years to come.




  1. Curls & Q said,

    August 23, 2012 at 3:45 am


    • whatzitknitz said,

      August 23, 2012 at 11:43 am

      Thanks can’t believe I finally finish my sweater vest. I am glad I had the push of ravel linac to get me to finish finally!

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