fiddley dee!

I am sitting this morning enjoying my tea with my very own fidstix mug –how fun is that!!

Catching up with e-mail and what’s going on on my favorite blogs and looking at the grey skies outside my window avoiding the fact that I swore today would be the day I clean up the piles of stuff everywhere.

well I am going to straighten the house but first let me tell you about my new friend, Lynn.

I was trolling around on the internet last month and discovered fidlstix by accident. And it was a very happy accident I discovered Lynn is exploring the world of natural dyes – like I am. And she is from Michigan where I was born. She met her husband on Mackinac Island – my Mom can see the Island out her window and my great grandfather served in the last battalion on the Island. She spins her own yarn – ok I don’t spin yet but one day soon my daughter has promised to teach me. So when I found out she choose me for a surprise package in the mail I was thrilled.


You might say this is kismet.

ps Lynn also has an etsy shop


1 Comment

  1. lynn said,

    August 13, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    We are just back from our weekend get-away. So glad you enjoyed your treats!

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